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http://www.egsan.com.tr/img/uploads/12345.jpg is Leading Manufacturer of  Exhaust Systems in Turkey

EGSAN Exhaust  Industry and Trade Limited Company was established in 1989 in order to manufacture of exhaust system parts for Automotive industry. Our company is owner of modern factory with its 6.500 m2 production  area and headquarter  is in Arnavutköy – Istanbul located. Since the beginning of foundation, EGSAN has continuously improved, always invested in the latest technology, factory and new products. Now, EGSAN is one of the leading companies and highly reputable brand in Turkey with its trusted quality and very wide range of exhaust systems.

EGSAN manufactures all parts and components related with Exhaust systems in own factory. EGSAN is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certified by LRQA and holder of TS 8646 certificate (Turkish Standards for Exhaust Silencers and Pipes). All EGSAN operations; including manufacture and management are carried out under strict rules of National and in International Quality Standards. We have also started  preliminary actions to obtain ISO/TS 16949:2002 Automotive Quality Certificate.

EGSAN is  manufacturing and exporting following Exhaust system parts for Passenger Cars and light/heavy commercial vehicles.
•    Exhaust Silencers
•    Exhaust pipes (Inner and outlet Pipes, perforated pipes )
•    Catalytic Convertors
•    Flex Pipes
•    Flexible bellows
•    Clamps, hangers and Brackets
•    Flanges
•    Caps ( inner and outer )
•    Vibration isolators
•    Air and water pipes for Radiators
•    Air intake Pipes
•    Chassis Pipes
•    Other Exhaust Parts and Components


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