Quality Assurance System
Sample Product Specification
EU Emission Standards
EC Regulation for Motor Vehicles Noise Emissions
Egsan quality Assurance System



1. Developing and manufacturing high quality, trusted and eco-friendly exhaust systems in order to meet customer’s expectations,


2. Following latest technologies and standards in the world and strengthening its workbench park and technical staff


3. Guaranteeing the employees health and security


4. Arranging activities to improve employees education and individual development


5. Having tight and continuous relations with customers, sensivity to customer feedback’s


6. Fast and Active Quality assurance and improvement by effective traceability system


7. Ensuring customers full satisfaction and compliance with National and EU regulations




. A - All Egsan’s products are under 2 years guarantee


B – We as EGSAN company assure and guarantee our valued customers that all Our Exhaust System parts manufactured and exported are Top Product Quality. In order to accomplish this corporate objective, we have been applying processes of ISO T/S 16949 Automotive Quality management Systems in our factory


1. QSA Quality System Assessment


2. PPAP Production part approval process


3. APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning


4. FMEA A failure modes and effects analysis


5. SPC Statistical process control


6. MSA Measurement systems analysis